Our Vision and Values


Why United Dance Project?

Its not just what we do...... its why! 

Its our project to create a studio where young dancers can learn and train fearlessly, discovering their potential through the gift of dance. A place where dancers are trained and mentored to achieve their dreams and inspire those around them.  

Our Vision

~  Provide leading dance tuition embracing innovation and creativity, holistically inspiring the dancer, the artist and the individual ~

Are values important?

Our values define who we are, they underpin our day to day activities and are the meaning behind our actions.

We stand by our vision and we live our values ~



Trust is the foundation to all relationships, its the cornerstone of teamwork and is essential for the effectiveness of all other values.



Unity in diversity! The beauty of people is their uniqueness, we all have value and need to be valued. This is the basis of teamwork, where the goal is no longer fulfilling individual needs but the needs of the team. 



Respecting each other regardless of differences, treating others with dignity, empathy and compassion, the ability to earn the respect of others.



A position of privilege that demonstrates our values through positive interactions with each other, our students and their families. 



Creates an environment of gratitude and fosters relationships through respecting others for their contributions and embracing the diversity of experience. 



Building the capabilities and possibilities of all students, preparing ourselves through professional and personal development which enhances our abilities as teachers.