Ballet exams


Why Ballet Exams?

Although exams are a non compulsory option at United Dance Project they are a wonderful part of a dancers training. Ballet exams can be beneficial, as they provide a timely goal to work toward and give a marked indicator of how well you are progressing.

Additionally, the successful completion of an examination entitles students to receive formal recognition of their achievement  as part of their dance training. 


Exam Structure

All Ballet students (both exam and non exam) are enrolled in classes known as grades that are based upon their age and ability. Students are trained in the technical application structured within the Ballet Syllabus. 

Students undertaking exams need to demonstrate their technical proficiency in front of qualified examiners that determine their effectiveness of achieving the outcomes of each grade. 


Whats next?

Due to the high degree of both discipline and commitment, exam candidates have an eligibility criteria to fulfil. This includes minimum weekly classes, attendance requirements and extra rehearsals.

Interested students need to discuss their goals with their ballet teacher to determine suitability for exams.