Angelina Ballerina Classes


Angelina Ballerina - Ballet / Jazz / Acro / Song and Dance

Our students receive quality dance education in a caring and fun environment with classes featuring the stories and adventures of Angelina Ballerina with a strong focus on preschool learning and engagement. The Angelina Ballerina Academy Curriculum is designed by internationally renowned master teachers and child development experts to inspire little stars with big dreams. This program is a wonderful opportunity for young aspiring dancers to develop a love of learning through reading, dancing, music and imaginative play.

2yrs - Big Sensory Experience!

Neural pathways are being formed and strengthening throughout every class by rehearsing important movement patterns that is essential for brain growth.  We introduce basic classical ballet technique foundations with the use of props and creative movement. Building strong bodies has never been so much fun!

3yrs - Imagination Creation!

Creative dance and creative movement experiences bring learning to life with the introduction to ballet technique, jazz and song and dance. Expand your childs social skills, enhance their language, improve listening skills, self confidence and independence continues to blossom.

4yrs - Balance, Strength and Self Expression

Building on dance technique as we engage the entire body for optimal gross motor development. Balance, strength , self expression and independence are introduced and mastered within this exciting program 

5yrs - Coordination and school readiness

Creativity through dance technique enhancing high level formal reasoning and building strong foundations for academic learning. Further structured classes are being formed learning classical ballet exercises and Jazz choreography sequences challenging memory recall and confidence. 

Create ~ Dream ~ Inspire ~ Imagine ~ Unite

Junior Classes (6yrs and Under)

Junior Jazz


United Dance Project’s Junior jazz class focus is on introducing  jazz technique, rhythm, developing coordination, strength and musicality to funky songs they love. 

This class builds confidence, concentration and continues to develop these groovers co-ordination with the introduction of basic jazz technique, linking steps and actions to form short dance combinations.

Kindergarten Dance


In a relaxed and encouraging environment students take their technique to the next level, this class incorporates Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop and Acro whilst exploring their own style and creativity. A jam packed program for those looking for a solid foundation in dance and performance. 

Junior Tappers



Junior Tappers are introduced to the basics of tap dancing through fun rhythm making games and exercises that will get them hooked on the beat of their own feet. Our littlest dancers love making noise with their feet as they explore the world of tap.

Junior Hip Hop


Junior Hip Hop is a street style of dance that has become increasingly popular over the last ten years. In this class students are taught breakdancing skills as well as basic acrobatic exercises to help strengthen and improve their Hip Hop technique. Additionally, popping and locking techniques are introduced at this level.