About Us


Our Location

United Dance Project is located in the heart of the picturesque CBD of Orange NSW. Conveniently situated in Summer Street we are within easy walking distance to some of Oranges finest cafes, coffee shops and both major and boutique retail stores. So you can relax and watch a live stream of classes in our studio foyer or take the opportunity to grab a coffee and indulge in some retail therapy. 


Our Studio

United Dance Project is a two story complex, downstairs is our spacious foyer where parents and students can wait for class commencement. The foyer contains a live feed of classes that can be viewed or you can catch up on the latest news from our weekly news feed displayed on the TV monitor.

Upstairs Boasts a massive dance complex comprising of 3 studios and over 370 square metres of usable dance space. The largest of the three studios is 180 square metres (20m x 9m) and is perfect for large performances and concert rehearsal preparation. 


Our Flooring

"The heart and soul of the dance studio is the floor" Independent of the best sound system, acres of mirrors and miles of barres, it is the floor in which everything begins. 

Correct shock absorption reduces fatigue and significantly reduces the potential for shin splints, reduces the strain from rotating and pivoting movements and with the correct top layer foot stability reduces rollover and other injuries to dancers. 

Our studios are constructed to the achieve a minimum of 53% shock absorption in accordance the Aus Dance specifications to provide dancers with the perfect  platform for their dance tuition. 

Our top layer is a dance specific Harlquin Vinyal thats is uniquely designed for dancers. The "speed" of the floor is designed to allow performers to conduct movements with out the fear of slipping or gripping on the floor. 

Safe Dance Floors Facts Sheet - Aus Dance