Why compete?

Being involved in our performance team is a highly rewarding experience for students, not only enhancing technical dance aspects of performance but also to develop a strong sense of teamwork and spirit.  Competition will always be about motivating, inspiring and educating students within a positive environment. 


Competition Opportunities

We believe a positive approach helps produce a positive outcome, for this reason United Dance Project approaches our competitions with two opportunities in mind.

Soloists: This is a great opportunity for students to showcase their ability, gain confidence and experience on stage at local and regional eisteddfods.  

Routines are tailored to the individual dancer and they will be challenged to fine tune their technique and improve stage presence in preparation for their performance.

Competition Teams: United Dance Project has aligned their competition program with the Allstar Dance Federation for students to showcase their technical proficiency. At competitions, we receive constructive feedback from an experienced and knowledgeable judging panel consisting of up fourteen judges specialising in different areas of dance. These judges are highly respected, qualified, impartial and experienced both nationally and internationally.


How to join the team?

Competition Soloists and Teams not only represent themselves and their families they represent their United Dance Project family. Competition students need to be able to understand and demonstrate our values;  Trust, Teamwork, Leadership, and Respect. 

Due to the high degree of both discipline and commitment, Soloists and Teams have an eligibility criteria to fulfil. This includes minimum weekly classes, attendance requirements and rehearsals. 

Competitions are a highly rewarding  experience for both students and teachers. We are extremely proud of the successful performance program at United Dance Project, we are excited to continue to create, inspire and grow as dancers and people!

Trust ~ Teamwork ~ Respect ~ Leadership ~ Unite