Senior Program (13yrs +)



Classical Ballet is a technical and structured dance style characterised by a standard vocabulary of steps, poses, and graceful movements. It is strengthening, disciplined and stylised. The class starts with exercises at the barre followed by work in the centre of the floor. Ballet class improves agility, coordination, flexibility, grace, strength and posture. 



Contemporary dance is a particularly innovative way of moving the body, blurring the lines between jazz, ballet and Hip Hop. This style encourages self-expression, natural movement and personal interpretation.  This is always popular with United Dance  students.



Jazz is a combination of dance styles that come from musical theatre arts. Jazz is often used in musical theatre, commercials and music video clips. Jazz takes techniques from Classical Ballet and uses isolation and strength to emphasise the movement. A jazz class structure involves developing turns, kicks, floor and corner work and jumps techniques combinations, progressions and dance routines. Jazz class enhances flexibility, coordination and fitness, but most of all, Jazz is simply great fun!

Musical Theatre


Is your child always performing for family and friends? Musical Theatre is the class you’re looking for. Our classes explore acting and singing exercises accompanied by relevant dance movements. This class boosts self-confidence and allows a safe space for students to express themselves through the arts. You will learn musical theatre techniques as well as choreography from your favourite broadway musicals such Wicked, Cats, Aladdin and so much more. 

Hip Hop


Hip Hop is a street style of dance that has become increasingly popular over the last ten years. In class, students are taught breakdancing skills as well as basic acrobatic exercises to help strengthen and improve their Hip Hop technique. Additionally, popping and locking techniques are continuing to progress at this level.



Tap is a style of dance distinguished by percussive footwork that marks out precise rhythmic patterns on the floor. Tap dancing was pioneered by greats such as Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly, but today with groups like the Tap Dogs, the style has evolved with cross rhythms, canons, syncopation and much more. United Dance utilises Tapatak Oz, a highly regarded modern tap syllabus that encourages creativity, individuality and a professional edge. Created by Christine Denny teacher, performer and choreographer this syllabus is inspiring the new generation. 



Our pointe program is tailored specifically for dancers who have taken Ballet at an intermediate and advanced level. Pointe may only be taken when the body and feet are strong and physically developed. Teachers permission is required to participate in pointe work. 

Stretch and Conditioning


Our stretch program has been designed to complement a Dancer’s current training with flexibility, conditioning and strength work through a combination of Pilates, Roller, Barre and Band resistance training.

Private Tuition


United Dance Project offers one on one tuition with dance styles and teachers of your choice. Private sessions are tailored to the individual dancer to fine tune technique and improve stage presence.